Episode 2 : “A Very Stupid Decision”

Jun 6, 2013


The alliance between the Survivor players is tested as the game begins.


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Episode 2 leaves off right where Episode 1 left off.  Stein is ready to attack Venezuela, foregoing an opportunity to attack Clarke.  Ross believes it’s a bad sign for the Big Brother alum that there is already a willingness on the part of at least one Big Brother player to attack another.

While the announcers bemoan the strategy, Terry actually finds the strategy at least some what explicable, as the players can receive cards for more armies so long as they take one territory every move.  Stein adds that Risk is essentially a marathon, not a sprint.  Sacrificing one piece is not as big a deal early if it sets you up in a better position long term.  It appears Big Brother is actually uniting by attacking each other, essentially trading territories until they can each build up stronger armies.

Cochran is next to go, and he attacks Hoffman in North Africa, taking North Africa.  Cochran at this point has the entire continent of Africa.  Ross notes that his fellow Survivors are sort of leaving Cochran be.

In explaining the Survivor Strategy, Clarke reveals there was a pre-game Survivor alliance.  Clarke believes not only are the Big Brother players jerks, but they are stupid as well.  Fishbach advocates a more aggressive strategy on behalf of his other Survivors, as the Big Brother players “turtle” into a more defensive state.  Clarke makes the astute point that you have to trust someone in this game…and it’s easy to trust someone who has been on the same reality show you have.  I think we can all relate to that

Cesternino notes everyone is trying to woo Cochran, but Cochran is pretty clear about where he stands, taking Clarke and Fishbach’s advice, spurning Hoffman, Stein, and Terry.  Ross believes Clarke and Fishbach are essentially using Cochran as a puppet-government, to do their bidding while technically controlling an army of his own.  Ross questions whether Cochran can act in his own interests.

Stein begins to branch out on his next turn, attacking Cochran’s holding in Japan and taking it.  Fishbach makes the first move to the war room asking to converse with Clarke.   Cesternino and Ross question whether it’s a smart idea to leave Cochran alone with the Big Brother players.  On cue, Terry beings the courting of Cochran, saying that Cochran is basically guaranteeing a Clarke/Fishbach victory if he continues to play as he has been.

Clarke and Fishbach in the war room discuss the goings on with the board.  Clarke believes the Big Brother strategy is “stupid”, but that she and Fishbach remain “barely ahead of” Big Brother.

Terry, meanwhile, is flattering Cochran, saying if he aligns with Big Brother he has a better than a one in four shot at winning, since he has the entire continent of Africa already.

Fishbach believes Big Brother is not working together, and that Survivor (or at least he and Clarke) should band together more strongly.

Terry makes one final pitch to Cochran.  He can finish third the way he’s going, or finish first or second with Big Brother.

Cochran asks Fishbach if there’s a two-person limit in the war room.  The answer from strategic genius Fishbach is immediately “No.”  Cochran, in response, questions why, if he’s in the Survivor alliance, he wasn’t invited into the war room.  Cochran is clear that he does not feel he’s an equal partner in this alliance, and while he admits he doesn’t have much to offer, he feels the gesture would have gone a long way.

Seemingly on cue, Cochran has a decision to make – attack Clarke in the Middle East, spurning his alliance mate, or attack Terry in Great Britain.  Ross believes Cochran should stick with his alliance.  Clarke says she’d go to Europe “for sure”, as the Big Brother group is “idiotically attacking each other”.  Clarke believes Cochran would be making a “very stupid decision” to go against what the Survivor alliance has built itself on early – not attacking one another.

Then, the bombshell: Cochran feels he’s at the bottom of the alliance, something he does not elect to keep to himself, but rather share with the group.  This sends Fishbach and Clarke into a tizzy, as Stein states that Cochran does “not respect” Clarke or Fishbach anymore.  Cochran admits he’s not sure what’s in his best interest.

Perhaps sensing a moment of weakness, Terry invites Cochran to the war room.  Clarke says she’d like to go, but Terry declines to invite her.

As Cochran and Terry enter the war room, we cut to black.

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  • Simon Knyvett

    great second episode. Loving the gameplay, and the War room. Very cool. Lots of Strategy. All ready backing for a season 2!!!

  • Alexis P.

    OMG Cochran and Ian together!! <3 <3 <3

  • http://www.teamugli.com/ Jericho McCune


  • Sam Leighton

    Massive improvement over the first episode. Big Brother players are already looking noticeably stronger.

  • KB

    This guy writing the summaries is CRUSHING it.

    • Jeffrey Stone


  • Marc Percy

    No Andrea this episode, so crushed! Great episode otherwise.

    • Aforst

      She’ll be back next episode!

  • Chris Joy

    This is great, you all really did a fantastic job.
    I wish I hadn’t been in the process of moving when the kickstarter was going on, I would’ve loved to contribute and check out the blooper reel

  • Trixie02

    Cochran crying bullying! LOL

  • Mickey

    Episode 2 power rankings:

    1. Stephen – Stephen’s got a lot of territory but they’re spread so thin they won’t stand up to any major attacks. Luckily for him, no-one really looks like they’re going to be bothering him for a while. Sophie’s leaving him alone, Matt’s too weak to really do anything, and Ian looks like he’s going to be preoccupied with Cochran.

    2. Sophie- Sophie’s got Eric on the ropes and Cochran by the balls. It looks like she’s going to let Cochran do the dirty work in Europe and then wipe him out at a later date. She’s preaching Survivor ceasefire for now, but how long until she sees Fishbach as her biggest threat?

    3. Cochran – Being on the bottom of his alliance isn’t such a bad thing at this point. He’s the most courted person on the board, everyone wants to work with him. All Cochran needs to do is sit back and let the others target eachother. His inexperience is definitely showing though, and he may pay the price if he leaves it too late to turn the tables on his Survivor buddies.

    4. Matt – He still has Eric as a buffer between him and Sophie, but Eric is kinda screwing him over by not letting him have the South America bonus, so it might be in his best interest to let Eric go. He also might need to make a move on Africa sooner rather than later, as Cochran’s troops are growing at a faster rate than his.

    5. Ian – Getting Cochran off his back will be crucial because otherwise he’s going to be wiped out pretty quickly.

    6. Eric – You went up against the Queen and lost, sorry bro.

    • Aforst

      Great analysis!

  • FieryZachAttack

    Current Editing Analysis:

    Right now, I feel like 2 players are being painted as the figureheads of their respective shows; those 2 being Sophie and Eric. They seem to be the key characters. Then, you have Ian and Stephen, who are being painted as the trusty sidekick to their respective superior. Finally, you’ve got Cochran, who’s being painted as the wavering monkey who could end up screwing himself who knows how because of his inexperience with the game. (And there’s Matt too, but he’s been pretty invisible through 2 episodes to the point that I don’t feel as if he’s important to the story. …The story behind a boardgame. Yeah… maybe I’m reading into this too much).

    My Predictions:
    -Cochran will work with the wrong side and screw himself over SOMEHOW despite currently being in an incredible position.

    -Ian and Stephen ultimately won’t be too important to the plot, but will gain momentum once their respective superiors (Sophie or Eric) get axed

    -Sophie or Eric will win the game. This is based strictly on editing, because in terms of their positioning, neither is looking strong right now, but because of the emphasis the edit is putting on the both of them, it seems evident to me that one is going to be eliminated early, while the other will venture on to claim the title.

    Predicted Chances Of Winning Based On Edit (From Best Chance to Worst Chance):
    1. Sophie Clarke
    2. Eric Stein
    3. Stephen Fishbach
    4. Ian Terry
    —THE REST—
    5. John Cochran
    6. Matt Hoffman

    • Aforst

      I love this! All very well said. Let’s see if you’re right…

  • Ken L

    I think Sophie is being a self-interested bad partner to Cochran. It makes perfect sense for him to shore up his borders by taking Middle East. It’s not crucial to Sophie’s domination yet unless it’s her last country amongst uncontested lands (wish there was another end of episode map). Besides, helping each other get cards is part of Risk alliances. She’s in a tough spot with Eric and I don’t think Stephen or Cochran can help her right now so rebuking her partner is not good strategy.

  • Narborg

    Thanks for the maps Rob! It really helps tell the story which we can’t see. For example, there was clearly a big battle in Kamchatka where Stephen and/ or Sophie knocked Erik out of there.
    If I was in Sophie’s Position. I would let Cochran take The Middle East, as he needs a card and there are not other ways he can get one with weakening his position too make, and at this stage Sophie need his as an ally. In fact, if the Survivor alliance can get does get ride of the Big Brother alliance, Stephen is going to be in a very strong position, and Sophie and Cochran are going to have to work together against Stephen , or he will run away with the game.

    • Annie Lo

      That was exactly what Stephen and Sophie discussed in the war room.

  • http://twitter.com/thelivetwit thelivetwit


  • Justin

    This episode was great! And the maps are fantastic! You were even able to keep track of how many armies were in each territory. Awesome! It helps the audience visualize and analyze the current game situation so much better.

  • Legionwrex

    Pretty sure people might be overestimating just how good of a position Sophie is in. She didn’t beat Eric, they didn’t even fight, he fled and is waiting right outside her boarder with large numbers preparing to take over. Sophie is basically trapped in North America.

    I’d say the two people in the best positions are Stephen and Ian. Stephen is domination in terms of expansion and numbers and no one is contesting him.

    And all Ian has to do is capture Europe and then he is in the best position of the game.

  • Roberto

    Wait! Sophie has Kamchatka? How did that happen? Eric had a big army there, why didnt they show that battle?

    • Annie Lo

      Listen to the discussion to the war room!

  • Ron

    I know that Matt and Eric are supposed to be Allies, but Eric is a dead man walking. Matt is really hurting himself by not kicking Eric out of Venezuela and claiming continent bonuses. You can see from the map how those bonuses are already helping Stephen and Cochran, as they are beginning to amass significantly larger forces than any of the Big Brothers. Sophie has accomplished this as well, by dint of controlling a large number of countries, but without holding a continent. Seeing as how Eric is doomed, he may want to go out in a blaze of glory of knocking out a few of Sophie’s north America holdings before Matt liquidates him for whatever few cards he has.