Episode 3 : “The Turning Point”

Jun 11, 2013


A new alliance results in a shocking elimination from the game between the Survivor and Big Brother Players


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Episode 3 opens right where Episode 2 left off, with Terry and Cochran heading into the War Room to discuss strategy.  Fishbach expresses his concern that the two nerds will align.  Clarke expresses her concern that she is being overbearing in the game on Cochran.  As both Terry and Cochran return to the table, Clarke expresses that she is “fine” with Cochran taking the Middle East, but immediately tells him where to put the troops.

Clarke would prefer Cochran focus on Europe, as opposed to her holdings in the Middle East because she is worried about her battle with Stein.  It’s pretty clear she is concerned about fighting the war on two fronts.  She knows Cochran plays with his heart, not his head, and she hopes she can use that to her advantage.

Meanwhile Cochran views himself as the “swing” of sorts right now, caught in the middle of Big Brother and Survivor.  Both factions are trying to woo Cochran.

On Terry’s turn, he goes after Clarke.  Clarke immediately expresses her frustration with Cochran, believing that Cochran threw her under the bus in the war room.  Cochran is upset that Clarke seems to have no trust in him, and maintains his innocence.  Cochran believes Cochran is hypersensitive, but Cochran insists he had no such conversations with Terry.

Cochran notes that Terry seems concerned, genuinely or ingeniously, about Cochran’s position in the game.  Terry believes Cochran is at the bottom of the alliance, and it bothers Cochran how quickly Clarke assumed he was to blame for the recent attacks.

Clarke and Fishbach meanwhile are trying to help Cochran position his army.  Stein calls the idea “horrendous” and threatens that if Cochran takes out Terry, Stein will go after Cochran.  Clarke expresses that right now is a huge turning point.  Stein admits taking someone out of the game could be a great thing, but he thinks Cochran is fighting an uphill value.

Clarke says the game is up to luck, and she wants Survivor to be alone in the final 3, as she would not be insulted losing to either of them, as neither is smarter than she is.  Stein believes the advice being given is atrocious.

Cesternino and Ross discuss Cochran’s options – to go after Terry and try and eliminate him, or to try and attack Clarke in North America, where she is thin in reinforecement.s  Ross believes Cochran should hold tight and do neither, as Cochran does not have the strength to complete the blow.

Fishbach and Cochran head to the war room.  Fishbach assures Cochran if Cochran attacks Terry now, Fishbach will knock Terry out on his next turn.

Meanwhile, Stein uses the word “horrendous” to describe Clarke’s advice to Cochran for the ninetieth time in the episode.  Hoffman acknowledges that it’s funny to mess with Cochran.

Fishbach and Cochran hatch a plan to knock out Clarke, appealing to Cochran by saying they will “bro down”.  Cochran puts troops into North Africa, and attacks Terry.  Stein threatens to attack Cochran next round in a last ditch attempt to get him to change his mind.  Terry believes Cochran is spread way too thin, and that Cochran’s actions help Clarke and Fishbach way more than they help Cochran himself.

As the battle wages on, Cochran is spread about as thin as possible in Africa with no real holdings in the continent he once dominated.  Cochran elects to refortify.

Stein believes Cochran is a pawn, and lying through his teeth about his knowledge of the game – two statements that this reviewer would like to note are pretty at odds with each other.  Stein believes Cochran is going to lose badly.

Fishbach attacks Terry, who is on his last legs.  Ross states that Fishbach is going to finish the job Cochran started.

With an elimination potentially on deck, Cesternino introduces Napoleon Billyparte who will remove eliminated players from the game.  Just after Cesternino finishes the introduction, Fishbach eliminates Terry from the game.  Billyparte removes the first casualty of war, Terry, from the Risk table.

Terry is with Andrea Boehlke, who asks Terry what went wrong.  Terry’s response is that Cochran is playing for third place and Clarke will win, which doesn’t really answer Boehlke’s question.  Terry’s last words: It’s not going to end well.  Terry states that Cochran was receptive but that Cochran just is not playing logically.

Fishbach reveals that while the Survivors have an edge, he has a secret alliance.  A secret alliance that is blossoming and could pay off big in the end game.

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  • BooRadley

    BB’s getting straight up embarrassed! Not sure who’s turn it is – but someone needs to go after Sophie pretty quick…

  • Alexis P.

    aawww I was getting real excited for a Cochran-Ian alliance =( oh well…GO COCHRAN!!

  • Mickey

    Episode 3 power rankings:

    1. Stephen – Stephen remains on top of things. He has half of Europe now and an avenue on which to launch his assault on Sophie should he choose. I’d go clean up in Asia first though…getting those troops joined up leaves less loose ends. When he does make his move on Sophie, he should do it from the East.

    2. Sophie – Well, she’s conquered North America so that should give her a healthy boost. That border in Asia is the one thing she can’t afford to lose right now, so I’d move some more troops up to there just to be safe.

    3. Cochran – He’s got decent numbers, but what’s he gonna do with them? I don’t think Cochran really has the will to win. He’s pissed off Eric now and I wouldn’t be surprised if Eric just tries to knock him out of the game out of spite.

    4. Eric – Eric’s been on the backfoot the whole game and although it seems like he’s gonna be more aggressive now, he doesn’t really have the firepower to back it up. Pulling something off in Africa is basically his last chance and the numbers are tight.

    5. Matt – Looks like he’s let Eric retreat into South America, but it’s at the expense of his own game. He’s probably best off just laying low for now and hoping people leave him alone. I don’t see him getting back into it though.

  • Gregorian

    Stephen is dangerously out of the way of the serious BB action.
    He can knock off Matt’s final Asian spots, and keep out of major battles for a bit.

    Meanwhile Sophie and Cochran are confronted with Eric and Matt’s last stands, which will be bloody affairs. And then Stephen can pick at their lightly defended borders.

  • Mad Mark

    Excellent editing…this is a true picture of table talk at a risk game. Everyone is self absorbed, nobody gives u advice in YOUR best interest….the winner usually rolls well, and doesnt listen to anybody’s BS…..If BB goes north, Sophie loses, Stephen wins…if they go east to wipe out cochran, Sophie will backdoor them, and she will win…either way…survivor wins this.

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