Episode 4 : “A Thorn in our Side”

Jun 13, 2013

A player fights to stay in the game as another must make a difficult decision.


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Episode four begins with a sideline report from Andrea Boehlke, who tells us only five remain after Terry’s elimination last episode.


Stein believes Clarke and Fishbach are being “shortsighted”, and too aggressive.  Stein knows he is in big time trouble, and wishes he had audience members telling him what to do, as he did in Big Brother.


Stein accuses Fishbach of tweeting to board game strategy websites for a three-person Risk strategy, but he can’t prove it because he doesn’t have Twitter like some kind of cave man.  Stein admits he’s angry because he’s losing, which causes Fishbach and Clarke to urge the other players not to take his claims seriously, as leaving him alone would give him a chance to build his armies back up.


Stein tells Clarke to cash in her cards, and eliminate him from the game, but Clarke says she has no matches.  Stein says she does, because Hoffman told him so.  Stein quickly admits he was lying and Hoffman did not in fact look at Clarke’s cards.


As the game continues, Fishbach seems to be on a roll.  Though Survivor has an edge, according to Fishbach, his confessional reveals he has a secret alliance: Matt Hoffman.  Hoffman and he were not on the same show, they’d never met, and so it’s the perfect secret alliance because they are the least likely alliance.  Fishbach admits it’s Survivor-to-the-end as his primary strategy, but Hoffman is his contingency plan.


Clarke trades in her cards and fortifies her holding in the Northwest Territory and in South America.  Clarke faces a choice: battle Hoffman or battle Stein, both of whom have the same amount of remaining troops.


Cesternino explains that “Sophie has a choice” neglecting to make the easy “Sophie’s Choice” joke, which says a lot about Cesternino’s character.  Ross states that Stein has been jabbering more, and that could play a role in where Clarke attacks.  Clarke says she will ask her alliance, and Fishbach takes the opportunity to bail out his secret alliance, convincing Clarke to attack Stein.


Fishbach says he thought Stein was the biggest threat, and that he’s been a thorn in the other players’ side the entire game.


Clarke admits that right now, it’s go big or go home.  If she’s successful, she is in a great position, and if she’s unsuccessful she’s screwed.  Ross posits that because Stein has worked Cochran hard, and postured well, that eliminating him from the game might be the smart move for Clarke.


Clarke attacks Stein with a chance to take him out.  Right away, Stein executes a masterful dice roll, as he quickly and sarcastically points out.  Things appear to be not going so well for Clarke in early rolls, as she is losing several troops on three consecutive rolls.


But with one last roll, Clarke turns the tide, and just like that Stein is elminated from the game.  The remaining players clap for Stein, though he tells them not to.


Napoleon Billyparte is back to remove Stein from the game in a peaceful manner.  Stein meets Boehlke for his last interview.  Stein states the only reason he played the game was to be welcomed back for Reality Gamemasters 2 which would ideally be a bunch of hot girls playing Twister.  Stein believes he is the big winner, because the four remaining players have to play, and he can go drink.


Stein’s not sure what he did to Fishbach or Clarke to piss them off, but it was crystal clear they were after him.


Hoffman invites Clarke to the war room, and seems ready to spill the news about his alliance with Fishbach.  Meanwhile, left alone at the table, Fishbach asks Cochran if they are going to “Bro Down”.  Cochran has two words for him, “Of course”.

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  • Roberto

    Another one bites the dust, and I just cant see S

  • Roberto

    tephen loose right now, he is owning it.

    Also, the map is wrong. Is from the last episode.

    • taylor

      I’ll fix the maps today and get them updated for you guys!

      • Roberto

        Thanks! you are awesome.

        • taylor

          Correct board is up now. Working on the end of ep board now.

          • Roberto


  • Mick Lafferty

    Eric Stein’s exit is highly reminiscent of his refusal to sing along with Rockapella following his epic departure from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego after Eartha Brute escaped his clutches.

  • Jg005k

    Well Stephen is obiviously winning after looking at the game board after episode 7

    • Alexis P.

      there are 7 episodes? o_O

      • Mary Crosby

        wtf? I see only 4 episodes loaded!

  • Mad Mark

    really surprised nobody killed Cochran yet.the 3 northern countries in Africa are a highway for the rest of the board….usually switching hands quite frequently…at this point, Stephen can now use Cochran to thin the other 2, and easily wipe the rest of the board…pending Sophie on a roll of miracle rolls to fight him off.

    • William Ingram

      No one needs to kill Cochran right now since everyone assumes that he doesn’t know how to play the game or the good strategies. So, he’s not a threat.

  • Jg005k

    Notice how Stephen put all of his armies on Sophie’s borders he is going to go after Sophie as hard as he can very soon.

  • Justin

    Another great episode Rob annd Alex, I am really enjoying this series. But I can’t express enough disappointment over the fact this episode was not named “Sophie’s Choice.” :(

  • Gregorian

    This is the point in Survivor when you’re screaming at the TV, “Can’t you see????? He’s going to win it if you don’t stop him! You’ve all got to band together and vote him out!”

    And then Boston Rob or Kim wins.

  • BooRadley

    Interesting that Matt pulled Sophie into the War Room – seems like she’d be the least useful to him as an ally…

  • Justin

    This episode cemented Eric as the Reality Gamemasters token journey character. In his journey he came away with the realization that in his games he really is better off having audience members dictate his moves. Touching stuff.

  • belinda

    Matt and Sophie better work together, otherwise both are utterly toast. (plus they were my two picks anyway! :D )