Episode 5 : A Cinderella Story

Jun 18, 2013

One player makes a desperate move that threatens to turn the game upside down.


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Episode Five kicks off with Clarke and Hoffman heading to the War Room, leaving Cochran and Fishbach alone at the table.  Hoffman proposes that while he only has one country, he’s got a pretty decent army there, but he’s going to need Clarke’s help to survive.  Learning from his Big Brother mistake, Hoffman is making a last ditch effort to save himself.

Cesternino and Ross discuss Hoffman’s proposal, that if Clarke takes out Hoffman her troops will be spread way too thin, and Cochran will be able to swoop in and eliminate Clarke.  If Clarke joins up with Hoffman, she stands a better shot to win than maintaining the status quo.

Clarke admits that Hoffman’s plan is good; it’s time to make a move on Cochran and Fishbach as both have built substantial armies and holdings.  Immediately upon leaving the War Room with Hoffman, Clarke invites Fishbach to the War Room.

Clarke states that Hoffman’s argument was persuasive, that she could team up with Hoffman to take out Cochran.  Meanwhile, Hoffman admits to Cochran at the table he stands very little shot of winning.  Clarke wants a guarantee from Fishbach that she’s in the final two with him, she’s going to consider moving with Hoffman to take out Cochran.  Fishbach says he wants a Survivor Final 3, and Clarke admits she might not get Cochran.

Clarke and Fishbach return from the War Room, and Hoffman says that Clarke could’ve openly mocked the proposition, not hid her true thoughts of it.  Cochran asks why he wasn’t invited to the War Room, and Clarke says it’s because he’s irrelevant, a joke she quickly backs off of.

Cochran states that everyone sort of patronizes and makes fun of him.  He is starting to feel he is a bit too malleable, and allowing of people to walk over him.  Cochran does not take kindly to being strong armed, and states he does not really have an allegiance to anyone.

Clarke states she is going to attack Hoffman, passing on his offer.  Clarke’s luck seems to be fading, as her rolls have not been great.  Hoffman trades in for fifteen armies, and Fishbach states Hoffman has a great chance.  He just re-fortified his armies and he might be able to take a ton of Clarke’s territories.

Cochran makes his move through Africa, and attacks Hoffman’s holdings in South America, attempting to finish Clarke’s job.  Hoffman is looking for some sort of saving grace, but there are no Immunity Idols or Diamond Powers of Veto in a game as cut throat as Risk.  With one final roll, Cochran finishes off Hoffman’s armies.  Hoffman has been eliminated.

Hoffman is with Boehlke, and he states that Big Brother is the neglected little brother of Survivor, and he’s happy to be the best of the worst.  Hoffman states he is rooting for Fishbach, because he’s the only one who has not made a bonehead move in this game.

Hoffman believes Clarke did not take the deal he offered because of an ego, and she wanted all Survivors left.  There are only three players left, and everyone is looking to close out the game in next episode’s finale, desperately seeking the win.

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  • BooRadley

    Am I missing something?? What was Matt thinking here??

  • Gregorian

    And Sophie and Cochran have killed themselves by killing Matt and fighting each other.

  • Jg005k

    Episode 6 is so anticlimactic Stephen is in such a dominant position.

  • Gregorian

    Does Cochran get to meet a Handsome Prince in the end?

    • Loco

      Matt was Cinderella…

      • Gregorian

        I don’t know my BB references.
        I just assumed Cochie was Cinderella being bossed around by the Ugly Stepsisters.

        • Loco

          I’ve never watched Big Brother, but the Cinderella reference was made in this episode by Stephen about Matt.
          Cinderella Story = Underdog Wins.

  • Matt

    Sophie should’ve gone with Matt, she’s 3rd place now for sure. Stephen is dominating, his allies all made the final 4 and he has almost all of Asia and Australia.