Episode 6 : Clash of the Nerd Titans

Jun 20, 2013

The winner is crowned in the epic season finale.

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It’s the Finale of Reality Gamemasters and the three Survivor players are all that remain.

The contestants toast to being the final three, and Fishbach says from here on out it’s all luck.  Cesternino states that Fishbach has more troops than the other two contestants, but Ross believes Cochran will take out a weakened Clarke, whose army was decimated in taking out Hoffman in the last round.  Ross refers to Cochran as a shark.

Cochran realizes that Clarke is vulnerable, and turns in his cards for fifteen armies.  Clarke suggests taking out the biggest threat, Fishbach.  Cochran acknowledges Fishbach is a big threat but is not sure he has the firepower to take out Fishbach.  Clarke makes a last ditch attempt, saying she played a season with Cochran, and he should remain loyal to her.  Cochran astutely points out that Clarke voted him out of Survivor South Pacific, and Clarke points out that Cochran did not vote to give her the million dollars.

In all, Cochran suggests he will find other ways to heal with Clarke.  Cochran is going to go on a war path.  Clarke says she should have seen Cochran’s flip coming, as he’s a weasel.  Clarke believes Cochran has been playing possum this whole time, that he knows what was going on but played like he didn’t.  Clarke is sad she was stupid enough to let Cochran flip.

Cochran slowly moves his armies throughout the western hemisphere like a modern day Hannibal taking Clarke out territory-by-territory.  Clarke bemoans her bad luck on the rolls, and Fishbach begs Clarke to at least put up some sort of resistance.  But resistance is futile, Clarke has been defeated and eliminated by Cochran.

Clarke interviews with Boehlke after being removed by Billyparte.  Clarke says in a way she feels like she won, because the Survivors got to the end together.  But, in a more specific way, she lost.  She wanted to be the winner.  She hates both Fishbach and Cochran equally.  Clarke believes sexism at least played a part in her demise.  Clarke also says she regrets not taking Hoffman’s earlier deal.  She thinks she could have won.

Ross and Cesternino break down the two bespectacled Survivors remaining.  Ross believes this will come down to cards.  Cesternino points out that everyone underestimated Cochran.  Ross says Cochran played a great game, he stayed solid with his alliance, made few if any enemies, and now is in prime position to take home this game.  Ross points out that Cochran let Clarke destroy herself taking out Hoffman, and Cochran was able to take advantage by letting Clarke do the dirty work.

Boehlke is on the sidelines, and with the Wizard facing off against Intelligencia Attache, it’s a nerd battle for world domination.

Cochran trades in his cards, and gets twenty five armies.  He says he has the taste of victory in his mouth.  Cochran is making his way across the board.  Cochran is feeling good and thinks he can take out Fishbach.  Fishbach feels as though it’s bleak but he still has a chance.  Cochran’s rolls have been not great.  Cochran takes a look at the map and realizes he has poured himself into a hole, as he’s sort of cornered.

Cochran believes he’s strategically boxed himself in and Fishbach has the cards to beat him.  Fishbach acknowledges it’s going to come down to the cards.  Fishbach feels his shirt “Second is the Best” is a strategy, not a destiny.

As Fishbach moves through, he realizes he does not believe he has enough pieces to actually win the game.  The numbers are extremely close, according to Cochran, and one person is going to be able to roar through the entire map, it’s just unclear who.

Ross and Cesternino realize that this could be it, and Cochran moves in for the kill.  Ross says Cochran can’t play possum much longer, as he’s on victory’s doorstep.  Cesternino hears him knocking.  Fishbach has fighters in New Guinea and rolls a six, which is huge.

The next roll is a four for Fishbach, and Cochran with one final roll eliminates Fishbach’s army, and like a modern day 1980 Mens Hockey Team or Wrestlemania XII Shawn Michaels, Miracles and Boyhood Dreams are realized as Cochran is the Ultimate Reality GameMaster!

Billyparte and the other competitors congratulate Cochran on his victory, as Boehlke announces Ms. Survivor, RC Saint-Amour will present Cochran with his prize, an Onyx-Edition Risk game.  Cochran raises it over his head, as the heavyweight champion of Risk.

Cochran says that to think he had not played Risk ever three days ago, and to now be the undisputed best Risk player in the Survivor and Big Brother communities is certainly a dream come true, a thrill, and a joy.  Boehlke thanks everyone for watching and joining.

Cesternino thanks everyone for being a part of this, and thanks all of the stars and the director Alex Forstenhausler.  Ross says this was the best combination since peanut butter and chocolate, particularly when Heidi and Jenna are involved.  Cesternino remembers it fondly.

Cesternino sends us off, as Reality Gamemasters fades to black.


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  • Marc Percy

    We have our first winner of Survivor and Reality Game Masters! Which one is it? Watch and see. Next stop is to win Big Brother for the trifecta! Congrats to the winner!

  • Klaas

    Great season of RGM! And I suggest Carcassonne (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carcassonne_(board_game)) as the next game! Maybe in a tournament of heads ups?

  • Judy Baldwin

    I enjoyed this tremendously. I do have a critique — the episodes were so short that they didn’t tell the story. I could ‘t follow the gameplay because I didn’t see enough. I don’t need to see every move but episodes could easily have been twice as long. People who would be bored watching wouldn’t tune in to begin with so more meat on the bone please !

  • Matt

    Reality Gamemasters Season 2: Candyland.

    And Marty Piombo pulls out an amazing double red! Sounds epic.

  • Mad Mark

    great job to all who were involved in making this…quite entertaining!..Cochran winning w/ the worst possible starting position is either one of two things: 1…the game is rigged. or 2. the other players so grossly underestimated him and basically left him alone til the end. That gives “whomever” that lucky sap is, an automatic victory. In which case, the others who claimed to know what they were doing, proved that wasn’t the case..lol. good show all around..my guess for next one is a tournament…STRATEGO!!!!